Dr Philip A. Clarke works as a consultant with the following specialities:

  • Aboriginal heritage
  • Native title
  • Family and community history
  • Museum curation and exhibition
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Indigenous languages
  • Cultural tourism
Dr Philip A Clarke


Based in Adelaide and offering services throughout Australia.


Dr Clarke has extensive experience in heritage clearances for major civic works, mining and resource developments, and government. He has worked for 30 years in the Australian museum and cultural tourism industries. Dr Clarke has serviced clients in a wide range of environments, including the provision of expert evidence in court. As an anthropologist, he is engaged in native title and Indigenous land interest research, community liaison, facilitating meetings, site recording and ethnographic heritage clearances. Dr Clarke’s field experience and university background has given skills in working as a part of a multidisciplinary team including Traditional Owners, archaeologists, historians and linguists, to ensure that complex cultural and heritage issues are effectively communicated and managed efficiently. He has expertise in writing reports, professional papers and commercial publications, and within the university system he has supervised several successful PhD candidates. Dr Clarke has broad contacts within Indigenous communities and with other professional experts.