Dr Clarke’s clients include Aboriginal communities and land councils, state and federal government organisations, UNESCO, commercial corporations and legal firms. His consultancy work is primarily:

Dr Clarke has worked extensively throughout Australia, but more recently in the Goldfields of Western Australia, Western Desert, Central Australia, Top End and southeastern Australia. He carries $2 million professional indemnity and $10 million public liability insurance.


Dr Philip A. Clarke provides high-quality professional advice with the following expertise:

These areas of expertise are reflected in Dr Clarke’s research profile and his extensive publication record (refer to his full CV).

Consultancy Experience

Commencing his consultant career while still based in the South Australian Museum in Adelaide, Dr Clarke has worked for a wide range of clients who are spread across government agencies, corporations and Indigenous organisations.

Examples include:

  • UNESCO in Timor-Leste.
  • Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (SA).
  • Aboriginal Taskforce (SA)
  • Australian Museum (Sydney)
  • Queensland Museum (Brisbane)
  • Australian National Museum (Canberra)
  • Botanic Gardens (Adelaide)
  • Western Mining Corporation
  • Portman Iron Ore
  • BHPB
  • Cliffs NR
  • Northern Land Council
Sturt Pea

Brief CV

Dr Philip Clarke has an academic background in biology, geography and anthropology. After studying biology at the University of Adelaide, he started work in the Aboriginal ethnographical collections at the South Australian Museum in 1982. While Dr Clarke’s initial research interest was chiefly in recording Aboriginal use of plants as foods, medicines and materials for making artefacts, this eventually broadened out to the anthropological investigation of indigenous perception and use of the land. This research produced a number of publications on Aboriginal mythology, ethnobotany and contact history.

During 1998–2000 Dr Clarke’s major job was as curator of the Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery Project at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide. He left the Museum permanently in Oct 2011 and took up a senior research fellowship for one year at Griffith University in Queensland to study Indigenous climate change capacity in southeastern Australia. Dr Clarke presently works as an anthropological consultant.

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